Chara & Chamaeleon

Chara & Chamaeleon Original Acrylic Art Canvas Paintings


These two Canvas Artwork Paintings serve as a visual representation of the Universal Connectivity between all things.

Product Description

Acrylic. Canvas. 16″ 20″

Chara is main-sequence star in the northern constellation of Canes Venatici. reference

Chamaeleon remain as one of the 88 modern constellations recognized by the IAU and it is bordered by Musca, Carina, Volans, Mensa, Octans and Apus. It contains only 3 main stars, the brightest of which is 4th magnitude Alpha. reference

These Canvas Paintings are sold together & include foam backing on each canvas.  Shipping Included (US only)

Thoughts on the Work by Lindsay Browning

Here | Together Artwork is the name of this Canvas Artwork Series. The work is strongly tied to the understanding that everything in this world is connected and reflective.

I am reminded by these Paintings that I have the potential to reflect the world’s undoubtable unity. My eyes continue to stay wide open, I want to connect more deeply. I want my work as an Artist to create opportunities for me to engage.

At first glance each of these duet figures appear to be the same. Look closer and you will discover the subtle differences that make each unique and special. Although the two pieces are not identical, they are undeniably connected. In life we humans become bonded to the places, people, and things we hold closest. Perhaps we become reflective of these bonds. This Artwork series aims to acknowledge unity and encourage connectivity.

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Framed Originals


20″ H x 16″ W


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