Magellanic Clouds

Magellanic Clouds Original Acrylic Art Canvas Paintings


These two Canvas Artwork Paintings serve as a visual representation of the Universal Connectivity between all things.

Product Description

Acrylic. Canvas 30W” 40H”

Magellanic Clouds / Magellanic Spiral Galaxies

“The Magellanic Clouds are two irregular dwarf galaxies visible from the southern hemisphere; they are members of the Local Group and are orbiting the Milky Way galaxy. Because they both show signs of a bar structure, they are often reclassified as Magellanic spiral galaxies.” reference

This duo of Canvas Paintings are sold as a couple & include Handmade Wood Frames.  Shipping Included (US only)

Thoughts on the Work by Lindsay Browning

Here | Together Artwork is the name of this Canvas Artwork Series. The work is strongly tied to the understanding that everything in this world is connected and reflective.

I am reminded by these Paintings that I have the potential to reflect the world’s undoubtable unity. My eyes continue to stay wide open, I want to connect more deeply. I want my work as an Artist to create opportunities for me to engage.

At first glance each of these duet paintings appear to be the same, but with each subsequent glance you begin to discover the subtle differences. Although the two pieces are not identical, they are undeniably connected. They are a part of each other. In this life we become bonded to the places, people, and things that we hold so close. We become reflective of those things in small or large ways. We are truly unique beings, but how true it is that we are made up of our connections to the world around us.

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Framed Originals


40″ H x 30″ W


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