Orbit Series #1


This Canvas Artwork Painting serves as a visual representation of the Universal Connectivity between all things.

Product Description

Acrylic. Canvas 30″ 40″


This Canvas Painting is sold including a black foam backing.  Shipping Included (US only)

Thoughts on the Work by Lindsay Browning

Here | Together Artwork is the title of both my solo and duet Canvas Paintings .

My  artwork is strongly tied to the understanding that everything in this world is connected.

The Majority of my work has been created in duet form however I have recently begun to create a Series of Orbiting lines of color called the “Orbit Series”.  I am inspired by the layers of application necessary for me to achieve the depth and complexity of these works.  I imagine I will always have a great interest in the mystery of our Galaxy, Galaxies beyond ours and Galaxies yet to be discovered.  We are not alone in this Universe.

Additional Information


Framed Original


30″ H x 40″ W


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